Reimagining energy, reinventing BP

On 12 February 2020, our CEO Bernard Looney shared BP's bold new purpose and ambition - to be net zero by 2050 or sooner #bpNetZero. To watch the full webcast, click here

The dual challenge: providing energy for a sustainable world

This film describes BP’s attempt to provide access to clean, affordable energy for all. How is BP helping to meet the world’s increasing demand for energy, whilst reducing emissions?

BP Advanced Mobility

BP Advanced Mobility partners, builds and innovates to find better ways of moving people and the things they need. Hear how the people in Advanced Mobility are helping develop the future of low carbon transportation.

BP graduate career story: Reservoir engineer - Zainab Lasisi

Hear from Zainab on what work life is like at BP as a new graduate hire.

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BP career story: Chemical analyst - Sian

About BP

BP delivers energy products and services around the world. From finding, developing and producing oil and gas resources, to refining, manufacturing and selling related products directly to customers and on the world's markets.
BP’s energy products keep the world moving and support a range of vital services. Our challenge for the future is to balance
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  • BP photo: Employee quote - Tamara Holmgren, Executive Assistant to COO, Production, Transformation and Carbon
  • BP photo: Employee quote - Emily Melville, Subsea Construction Engineer
  • BP photo: Work together to make a difference.
  • BP photo: Where else do you get to change the agenda?
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